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Happy Thanksgiving!!

I am not entirely sure what the true origins are for the holiday we call 'Thanksgiving' are, but in my heart I believe it had something to do with people sharing their bounty of food, kindness, medicine and friendship with each other. In that spirit, on this day, I would like to share with you the Love, Joy, Hope and HEALING of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is: our living water, bread, our model for kindness and friendship and our source for healing. He extended a hand to those in need from a well that never ran dry. The Jesus I serve didn't refuse to heal the sick when He walked the earth then and He won't refuse to provide healing for you now.

So, I pray that this is the LAST Thanksgiving you feel broken...I pray that NEXT Thanksgiving (God willing) the Forum will be FILLED with testimonies of how God has begun delivering you from the negativity in your life surrounding your abortion. If you are already in that place of freedom, HALLELUJAH!! Leave a comment under the Forum tab titled, "I am Thankful for..." As you get free, (and remember, healing is often a layered process) share your gratitude with each other and, of course, the One who supplies all of our needs. I know this to be true: stories of our healing truly do help others heal.

May God richly bless you my Sisters on this day of Thanksgiving! Much Love to you and yours; those who can be with you and those who cannot.

P.S. If you DO NOT have a personal relationship with Jesus and want to know more, PLEASE email me back. I will help you get to know Him.

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