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Happy Bornday!

Tomorrow is the 61st anniversary of my "bornday." I know it sounds like a faddish thing to say 'bornday' instead of 'birthday' but, hear me out. As I looked at the difference between the two root terms there was quite a noticeabledifference between them. To be 'birthed' is to exist in the world outside of the womb. But being 'born' can have a much richer meaning. Yes being born can mean coming into a predetermined purpose for your life. For example, one can say, "she was born to be an artist." Saying "birthed" to be an artist just doesn't have the same force or sense of intention right?!

So, claim your bornday for what it is in God's eyes! Each of us has a unique God-filled plan for our lives; one that only we can complete. Without our spin on, our interpretation of, our analysis into or our sweet infusion throughout the lives of those in our sphere of influence the body of Christ suffers. Simply put, no one can do you. So, do you Boo! Shine like the light and season like the salt you were made for.

I love you with the love of the Lord and the force of the Holy Spirit. Have a blessed week! Sylvia

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