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Fatherhood Justified

Men have reproductive histories just like women do; Sometimes we forget or neglect that fact. We hardly ever discuss that part of a man's life in our conversation with him unless he brings it up or, on Fathers day. So, I'd like to make it a "thing" that we at Arise Daughter talk about more often. Men can have very complicated reproductive histories that often get overlooked-sometimes more complicated than women ( for example, men can be accused of being the father to a child that is biologically not theirs. That doesn't happen to women).

Let's talk more about the complexities of Fatherhood. Let's take the time to get to know a man through the lense of Fatherhood more often than on one day of the year. Let's expand our limited understanding of all of the emotional baggage that men often drag along behind them by being brave enough to get to know the WHOLE man. Let's talk about Fathers we know who've lost children through miscarriage, abortion and stillbirth. Surely we can address the sons and daughters that are out of their reach for any number of other reasons like divorce, sickness, incarceration, adoption, estrangement or military postings. How many men experienced a very bittersweet Father's Day because they couldn't talk about their complicated Fatherhood to others in their circles of influence?

We want to salute ALL Fathers through this blog especially those who doubt their ability to be a Dad, those who have succumbed to current pressures to shun Fatherhood and now wished they hadn't and those that simply want to share all of their history with someone they trust. We at Arise Daughter see YOU, we want you to #gethealed and we want you to know you are LOVED. As you reflect on yesterday, may your heart find peace with Father's Day in the most profound way all while resting in the loving arms of our Comforter, Holy Spirit.

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