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"Celebrate Life"

So, we are taking that crazy leap of faith by getting started with our YouTube channel series, "Celebrate Life." It was my distinct pleasure to interview the phenomenal "Nurse Hero" Sandra Gosser, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, about her role in saving the lives of premature infants, enriching the legacies of their parents, supporting grief after reproductive loss and informing women about the pitfalls of abortives. I can COMPLETELY see us doing a "Part Two" of this discussion because we both know (as do you) that women and men are not being fully educated by the abortion industry about their "choice." I truly believe that discussions like ours will educate, elevate and encourage women and men to honor who they are as individual children of God AND to embrace parenthood no matter how small their child is. The state of being a parent begins at conception which is a biological and spiritual FACT. May we all elevate facts above fiction as we turn the tide toward "Celebrating Life." Much love, Sylvia

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