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Celebrate Creativity!

How often do you stop and marvel at the creativity of God? I, for one, am often overwhelmed by the uniqueness and variety of each and every piece of flora and fauna we come in contact with on this planet. Our God IS amazing and we get to celebrate that on a moment by moment basis if we simply stop and pay attention to the beauty that surrounds us daily. And celebrate is what we hope to do this Thursday, January 20th at 7pm on Zoom in our Arise Artists room.

You are welcome to be a part of the celebration of all the creative gifts that God blesses each and every one of His image bearers with. At the meeting you will get inspired by what others are inspired by. There are plenty of opportunities in the Artists room to be opened to the process of creativity that sets us apart from all others.

This year, God has given us a direct mandate to use our creative gifts to celebrate the sanctity of life and to advocate for the unborn and their Moms. What we produce, by His Grace, will be a unique admonition to all onlookers to see, truly see just how wonderfully and fearfully each of us are made. We want to grab the attention of the "throw away" generation and remind all of us that God's image bearers should not be easily discarded. It is a awesome call; one which we will not shy away from. In fact, there will be lots of REALLY good opportunities in store for the Arise Artists group this year to celebrate life!! And embedded in that art will be a message of love and compassion to all of us who have seen life as trivial. God, our loving creator -using the arts- can reshape and mold our hardened hearts into something new. Only He can give us fresh eyes to see the unique beauty each one of us possesses.

Feel free to RSVP for the Arise Artists meeting on our main webpage: OR you can go to our new domain which is . Look for the January 20th event, click the button and you will receive the Zoom link for the meeting. Freda, our Artists Administrator, Roxanne, our Artist in Residence and I look forward to seeing you there!

Much Love! Sylvia

P.S. Check out the play "Viable" for free!!! Click on the picture below that says "Viable" for a one act play that is "More Powerful than the Podium." It is a love letter to the power of the Holy Spirit to reshape our hearts.

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