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Can we be Ananias?

I know. The first Ananias I thought of was the one who brought an improper gift to the Lord and was struck dead because of it. Obviously, don't be him. This time I am referring to another Ananias who I hadn't given much thought to before, but whom God revealed as an important example for us to follow if we want to be BOLD in partnering with those whom we don't necessarily agree with. The story of this Ananias can be found in the book of Acts, chapter 9 verses 10-25. Now, I have to think that Ananias was a potent force for God already as he was a disciple in a time of extreme persecution of the believers in Jesus. Ananias was living in Damascus, the next city on Saul's "hit list" and he seemed to have intel that Saul had already secured 'capture and imprison' letters from the Jewish high priest in Jerusalem. Ananias was also acutely aware of Saul's fire-breathing, church disrupting reputation and knew just how far Saul would go to persecute followers of Jesus-people just like him! But in the midst of all that earthly knowledge, God dropped some SPIRITUAL knowledge on him in verses 10-12 that couldn't be disputed: Ananias was to minister to the very enemy of the Savior he loved! In verses 13 and 14, Ananias did exactly what most of us would have done: he questioned the seemingly impossible situation the Lord was putting him in. In today's vernacular he might have said, "God, for real for real?" But God being God did not mind the questions and proceeded in verses 15 and 16 to give further instructions and the "why" behind the mission; all of which sealed the deal for Ananias. He not only went to the home where Saul was (and I'm guessing it wasn't a Christian home) but immediately laid healing hands on Saul and called him "brother" which was a term of endearment identifying the followers of "the Way."

Christian girlfriends: how much more does God want us to humble ourselves and seek out those whom He has already prepared for His Kingdom work? It doesn't matter what their stance has been in the past on issues of life or abortion right? After all, I was once pro-choice/pro-abortion and look at me now! All that matters is that YOU are willing to heed that still small voice and boldly step TOWARDS someone whom God has placed on your radar to minister to; Leave the rest up to God. Don't worry about receiving any acknowledgement in the present moment. Be prepared to put forth more than you get back in the relationship. Be prepared to stay with them while their scales fall off and they get their new marching orders from the Lord. Have the Word in you so that you can speak life over them. Be prepared to fight for the new pr0-life convert and to protect them in battles they will have with online foes. You may never see the fruit of your labor like Ananias- he was able to see Saul boldly preach the Gospel- but, glory to God, you'll know in your obedience that the seeds you were asked to plant were planted to perfection. Give of your best to that former foe because that is what God has commanded us to do. Step away from any earthly affiliations long enough to see the broken and the hurting on the other side that God has asked you to witness to. That is what I am doing as a part of Arise Advocates through this blog and in other ways, like cultivating friendships Holy Spirit has asked me to. God is whispering: Write the letter to your state representative, make the call and tell your story to a family member or friend, set up a Facetime chat with someone new to the movement, put together the Zoom conference with other advocates, start the healing bible study for the broken and the lost; whatever you have been purposed to do it's time to do it! The time is ripe for a shift in the focus from who sits in the white house to who truly sits on the throne. Each one of us is in the business of defending life; Let's get past our "questions" to God of "why me?" and be about the business of God with a "why NOT me" attitude. Much love!

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