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Bride of Christ

Let me start my blog this week by saying what an amazing weekend God planned for us in Columbus, Ohio!!! He set the stage for so many miracles to take place that I am, yet again, in awe of the power and presence of my Heavenly Father. All praise, glory and honor go to Him who is the reason for our being and the author of our theme: "Bride of Christ."

I'm just gonna break it down day by day for you; kinda like a travel journal with all of the God-filled 'highlights.':

Thursday: Our travel day from Lexington was light and filled with anticipation! We were hoping to meet up with family and friends but God said, "prepare!" So, I spent the evening filling up gift bags for the "Brides" and goodie bags for my team. Speaking of goodie bags, I received the most beautiful welcome basket from Carolyn Klair, the hostess of the event. She and Cindy Violet made sure we wanted for nothing and I am so grateful to them for making me feel special.

Friday: Was a day to rest and rehearse my talk which was both testimony and testament. As the Arise Daughter team trickled in, I was excited to hug necks and share smiles with some of the most beautiful and courageous women I know (we missed you Christina!!!.) At 7pm, around 30 of us shared a meal from Q'doba together along with two of the husbands from our team; Talk about a beautiful feast and fellowship hour. And then, at 8pm, we started our praise and worship sans the men and we watched Holy Spirit break out amongst the women in that room in ways only the Lord could orchestrate. He had shown me in a vision that women would be laid out in the Spirit and that was what happened. We shared communion together, our testimonies about God's goodness, songs of praise and a time to praise dance. Yes, praise dance!!! The ways in which we were able to minister to one another simply took our worship to a whole other level. Holy Spirit expanded our hearts that night and set the stage for Saturday. Our team meeting later, ended with us praying hot for the next day and grateful for all that He had done thus far.

Saturday: I was so full from the night before that I barely slept. But God has shown me time and again that in my weakness He shows Himself strong. Once I fully woke up, I felt like a Formula One racer at the starting line ready to unleash 1200 horsepower. We set up our tables, fellowshipped, prayed, ate and then I got to speak. And boy did Holy Spirit have SOMETHING for each and every "Bride" in that room. The prayer time at the end was so anointed that you could almost hear the chains being broken. At our team dinner together and debrief, we forged deeper bonds with team husbands as we shared all that we had experienced that day.

Sunday: Since I am writing this in the early morning hours, I'm not sure what today will be exactly. But I can share my vision: God is asking us to bring the house of Arise Daughter to the Hope City House of Prayer for an anointed time of worship together! We plan to first tour the site of our very first Gallery Show and Wellness Event October 22, 2022 which is graciously being hosted by the church. I see us in the sanctuary as a lit house set on a hill--a beacon for the abortion broken (yes, the abortion broken men and women are brothers and sisters in Christ who sit beside you every Sunday). Together, God wants us to be the redeemed "Brides" He has called us to be and to call others. I will report back later but I just know it will be a special time.

Much love and have an anointed week! Sylvia

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