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Bride of Christ

Let me start my blog this week by saying what an amazing weekend God planned for us in Columbus, Ohio!!! He set the stage for so many miracles to take place that I am, yet again, in awe of the power and presence of my Heavenly Father. All praise, glory and honor go to Him who is the reason for our being and the author of our theme: "Bride of Christ."

I'm just gonna break it down day by day for you; kinda like a travel journal with all of the God-filled 'highlights.':

Thursday: Our travel day from Lexington was light and filled with anticipation! We were hoping to meet up with family and friends but God said, "prepare!" So, I spent the evening filling up gift bags for the "Brides" and goodie bags for my team. Speaking of goodie bags, I received the most beautiful welcome basket from Carolyn Klair, the hostess of the event. She and Cindy Violet made sure we wanted for nothing and I am so grateful to them for making me feel special.

Friday: Was a day to rest and rehearse my talk which was both testimony and testament. As the Arise Daughter team trickled in, I was excited to hug necks and share smiles with some of the most beautiful and courageous women I know (we missed you Christina!!!.) At 7pm, around 30 of us shared a meal from Q'doba together along with two of the husbands from our team; Talk about a beautiful feast and fellowship hour. And then, at 8pm, we started our praise and worship sans the men and we w