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Bloom Where You Are Planted

May is the month to expect blooms in gardens, in parks and even along the highways and beaches. The April rains have fallen, roots have been sufficiently watered, shoots have emerged and now blooms are expected. God has laid out a season for bloomers. Some may bloom early, others later but the expectation is the same. Maybe a late frost hits and retards the blooming plants, but recovery usually occurs.

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Christ, after coming upon an underperforming fig tree, cursed it and it withered and died. Why? Some speculate that maybe He was hangry. Not so. He expected to be fed from a fig tree that should have done it's job by bearing fruit in season. God gives us an assurance that He will provide the increase-the fruit- when we firm up our roots and shoots by studying His Word and following His plan in obedience. What we produce should be nourishment to others in due season.

Where has God planted you? Do you have an understanding of what your purpose is in the Kingdom? Are you allowing Him in all of His wisdom and knowledge to cultivate you properly? Or do you appear dead when you should be in bloom?

There have, no doubt, been seasons in my life when I didn't want to succumb to the work of the husbandry I needed. According to the word of God given to the prophet Samuel for Saul, King of Israel:

"For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, And stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the LORD, He also has rejected you from being king.” 1 Samuel 15:23.

There are serious consequences for stubbornly refusing to yield to God's will.

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My Mom always told me when I'd bought a brand new blooming plant, to prune back the new blooms before planting it. She wisely knew from experience that, if I didn't, the plant would expend all of its energy trying to maintain the blooms instead of allowing the energy to go to the roots to get established properly. You may have a pretty bush the first year she'd say, but a weak and barely productive one in subsequent years. Of course, I thought my way was better. I didn't listen and wondered why I kept replacing underperforming plants. My pocketbook suffered and my yard had nothing of beauty to offer me or passers-by.

You simply cannot be more barren than when you live outside of the will of God for your life. Yes, He can eventually make something good out of a bad choice but, it's better to listen to His instructions and allow Him to fulfill His will through Christ our Lord in the beginning.

So, if he needs to prune back your oversized ego, stubborn nature and selfish desires so that you can be better rooted in Him then allow Him. If He picks you up out of your comfort zone and plants you somewhere else then go willingly. (all notes to self by the way!).

Tweet this: Our disobedience, no matter how small, is a sin to God.

So, lets check in: Have you stopped to take the time to see exactly where God has planted you? Are you willing to bloom where you are planted? Are you OK with being pruned back now and then by the Father so you can bloom better later? Are your roots being fed by God's Word daily? Are your shoots following Christ's example by extending outward to others? Are you catching the whispers of the Holy Spirit in the spiritual breeze and allowing yourself to bend the way He bends you? Do you smell like Christ's fragrance? Are you ready and willing to share the fruit of Holy Spirit with those who pass by? Can you lie dormant in a quiet season and rest in God?

Many of us wouldn't even know how to begin to answer the questions above. Many of us who are post-abortive have believed the lie that we have no fruit to offer because of our sin. Some of you reading this may not even be sure about your salvation because of the sin of abortion. If you are post-abortive and not sure if you can still bloom for God, schedule a free session with me. I will help you see where God has planted you and how you can yet bloom for Him. Email me at: for a confidential consultation.

P.S. We are hosting a "Viable" Watch Party on Zoom, Tuesday, May 9th at 7pm EDT. Bring your spouse and join us for a healing evening! RSVP on the mainpage under: Events

Many blessings and much love! Sylvia, Lead Mentor, Arise Daughter.

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