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Blessed to Be A Blessing!

Hey family, As this is being posted I am on a holiday with my Honey Lamb of 35 years. We are celebrating not only our 35th anniversary year but also his 65th birthday and my official entry into government retirement. God has blessed us to see these "latter years" and we are beyond grateful to be healthy enough to travel; so, off we go to Europe.

As it turns out, we will have the honor of walking in some of the same cities in the Mediterranean as the Apostle Paul. My glee at learning this lead me to seek out information on the apostle that I believe I can relate to the most. In searching, I came across a documentary titled: "Discovering Paul" by the late Gordon Moyes. Produced in the 1980's, it thankfully takes its time highlighting themes of the life of Paul such as his roles as: Pharisee, Persecutor, Preacher, Pastor, Pioneer, Protagonist, Philosopher, Patriot, Proclaimer, Prophet, Prisoner and Person. I loved it! I took copious notes. I went back and watched it again. After getting over my embarrassment about knowing so little about the apostle responsible for much of the New Testament I quickly began to wonder how I could be of use to God while on this trip. What unique characteristics, quirks and imperfections could God use in such faraway places? I am understanding that ALL of my travels have to be about His business. Periodt. He opens and closes doors according to where He needs me to be.

So family, please pray that we do all that God calls us to and that our only responses to His promptings are, "yes" and "Amen." Pray that our witness is pleasing to Him. Please pray for us as we spread the good news about how God is blessing His people. Pray that we see with our spiritual eyes all the needs that He equips us to meet. Thank you for your prayers family! Photos and stories to come later I hope.

Much love and many blessings!! Sylvia

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