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August =A,LIGN

I believe now would be a great time to check in with Holy Spirit and get reaquainted with the God-Oriented, Aligned and Loving set of G.O.A.L.s we started the year off with. Join us Thursday, August 5th at 7pm on Zoom to check in with yourself and your accountability partners so that we can fine tune and speak life over our "next". God has more for each of us--more Healing, Training and Ministry opportunities and He wants us to take hold of His vision.

What is the A,LIGN process? Let's chat one-on-one and I can help you answer that question for where you are right now. What are your G.O.A.L's? Again, Holy Spirit and I have got you covered! Set aside about an hour or so in a ZOOM session with me as your Mentor/Guide and let's get focused on fulfilling your earthly mission.

If you read last weeks blog then you recognize that the hope for a long future on earth will not be a reality for everyone. That being said, we can certainly make the absolute most out of each and every moment we have to do our Father's will. Until we rest in the arms of Jesus, we each have an important task to complete that God wants to fully equip us for. God wants each of us healed and ready to spread the good news about that healing. He wants to use our testimony to overcome the enemy thereby advancing His Kingdom. This takes some honest work and commitment on our part to fulfill but, that's.just.fine. We are more than conquerors and this mission can be accomplished.

RSVP to our August REFRESH meeting on our webpage: and meet the team of women who are A,LIGNing themselves with the will of the Father.

Much Love! Sylvia

See you on Zoom!

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