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A PurposeFULL Life!

Have you ever had the feeling of not knowing your purpose? So many of us feel inactive in our church community because of a lack of understanding. Questions linger in our minds about our future usefulness given our checkered past. Questions such as:

How can I be of use when I am so broken?

There are so many directions to go in- which way should I go?

I don't feel like He called me to anything special.

Can I trust that the Lord will guide me in the hard times?

What if I fail?

That negative tape has played for so long that we don't even question the lies. Typically, when we hear words such as these in our head, it is fear of failure and defeat that is driving our inaction.

How did we allow fear to overcome God's calling to activate our God given talent, purpose and plan? For some of us it may have been a harsh word said to us in childhood that pruned our dreams. When someone whose opinion we trust says we "can't" do something we've dreamed about? well, it marks us. What may have been said with good intention by our parents - as their way of shielding us from disappointment- can sometimes lead to apathy.

For many others it was a time when, in a crisis you didn't seeking God's opinion and the situation went sideways. Now you believe He has no use for you because of the outcome and the consequences you experienced.

But my dear reader, when it comes to Kingdom work, we can only beat back failure by being obedient to what God calls us to do in our own unique way. We can inadvertently diminish the God in us when we don't express His words, ways and wishes when we are asked to. Fear of man may be valid but, it is not an excuse to not activate our gifts.

Tweet this: "In God I trust and am not afraid. What can man do to me?" Psalm 56:11 NIV.

Live BOLD, Live FREE and ACTIVATE! Many blessings, Sylvia

Sermon by Dr. Tony Evans: Overcoming the Accuser

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