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I distinctly remember the day God called me to start Arise Daughter.  It

was shortly after I'd completed my first healing experience from my abortion trauma.  The verse in Isaiah 60:1 KJV "Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee" became a distinct calling to simply stand up and share by showing what God had done for me. 

God had smiled on me throughout the tough 9 weeks of "Forgiven and Set Free" with Holy Spirit inspired facilitators and despite pandemic seperation half way through the process.  He provided multiple mentors and training opportunities to help me prepare to start Arise Daughter.  He allowed me to freely share my testimony with important family and friends which provided much needed support.  He took my personal strengths as a listener, writer, encourager and teacher as foundation material and He built leadership, administrative and speaking skills to help me gain momentum. 

And He's not done.  It is now my responsibility to help others start their unique ministry work.

In obedience, Arise Daughter will be hosting on July 6th at 7pm the second meeting of what has become known as our "Arise Incubator" which is designed to help ministry leaders to their "next."

Our topic this meeting:   What Is your calling?

Do you know what it means to be called?

Did you know that every child of God has a calling?

And what does it mean to walk in your calling.

Tweet this: Every child of God has a calling.

RSVP at for our Arise Incubator networking meeting.  The agenda will feature a discussion on how God calls His children and what that calling looks like.  

The experience is not the same for everyone and we will share what that looks like so you don't miss it.  

We will also make time for art and the Word to help guide us along the journey. 

If you are starting a ministry or in the midst of finding direction and purpose for your life, join us on Zoom this Thursday, July 6th at 7pm.  Be a part of a supportive network of future and current ministry leaders who desire what God desires for their lives.  

Much love and many blessings! Sylvia 

P.S. To get some much needed direction on your calling, watch Dr. Tony Evans on YouTube


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