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Anointed and Appointed

When God gives you a vision, rest assured that, should you choose to be obedient, it will come to fruition. This past Saturday, the Arise Daughter team was able to see a dream come true at the Celebration of Restoration Luncheon sponsored by Kathy Scanlon at Pregnancy Decision Health Centers and Carolyn Klair at post abortion recovery program in Columbus, Ohio. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about all that happened between last year when God planted the vision and now seeing the ripples that are occurring because of it. This was just further confirmation that when God anoints and appoints something, you can walk in total peace about it because it WILL manifest itself the way HE wants it to. Stay humble, stay connected, stay focused, stay present and stay obedient and watch the wonder working power of the Most High God!

I want to shout out the Arise Daughter team that travelled from Michigan and Kentucky to work on one accord (and meet each other in person for the first time 😁). Even new team members made TREMENDOUS sacrifices for the gathering and for that we are forever grateful. We enjoyed breaking bread together and sharing the sweetest most thoughtful gifts. But even more significant were the late evening prayer and intervention sessions. God always seemed to know JUST who to put together for meaningful conversations and laying on of hands. Each heartfelt hug imbued power from Holy Spirit which emboldened each of us to walk fully in our anointing.

Watching Arise Artists Roxanne Fields and the featured artist Alexandra Stewart hold court as they presented their healing art brought tremendous satisfaction because their art spoke to so many women on a fundamental level! And in the midst of all of that, we got to share our testimony in what we pray were unique and impactful ways to the most beautifully blessed group of women!! To top it all off, today my husband and I were invited by Carolyn to tour Bessie's Place, the intimate post-abortion healing room where true transformation takes place.

Neither late starts home on Sunday nor multiple flat tires could stunt our enthusiasm for all that our Father had for us. God is, RIGHT NOW, building new alliances and making plans to further His Kingdom work through Arise Daughter and SO many other organizations. I for one am ALL IN for the next anointed and appointed time. Please keep in prayer all that He will use for His Glory. Amen and Amen!

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