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Abortion Recovery Month Part 1

April is a month of new beginnings. It has been said that the showers that fall now bring forth beautiful blooms in May.

But many of us can't take the rain.

As post-abortive women, we can often find ourselves stuck in a rainy season feeling like it will never end. And like Chinese water torture, the rain begins to feel like hammer blows to our hearts.

Let's take just a minute to recognize that what feels like hammer blows is really the rain God intends to use to water your future healed self. But it takes a bit of understanding to truly see what our Father will use to water you with.

Post Abortion Stress Syndrome or PASS is a shower of feelings and manifestations that often leave us with a sense of disquiet and in a state of disarray. As they should (I refer you to my blog on Moral Injury). Common signs and symptoms of PASS include: (from our ministry partners at

PASS is God's attempt to get our attention. No, He did not WANT you to have to go through all of this but, because of our "choice" many of us have. You may have been experiencing many of these signs and symptoms and couldn't tie them together to anything. Well, they are real and the often devastating after effects of your abortion experience. But because you didn't know PASS was a "thing", you may have blindly wandered through the morass without understanding. Proverbs 3:13 NLT: "Joyful is the person who finds wisdom, the one who gains understanding."

I hope that this is new information for some reading this blog because the good news, the REALLY good news is that there is healing available! God truly does intend for flowers to bloom after the rain.

Next time, we will talk about the different types of healing programs available to you if you are feeling hammered by PASS symptoms. I can show you where you can get plugged in to a healing program. Of course, I would be more than happy to help you before next Sunday's blog if you would like to explore some options together. Simply open up a chat on our mainpage at and I will do all that I can to get you connected to resources ASAP.

(Thank you Alex Stewart for the Art).

Much love! Sylvia

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