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A Good Word

There I was, with Holy Spirit late in the evening, on an abortion regret Facebook page, speaking life over a woman I didn't know who was seriously considering an abortion. She had several reasons lined up as to why she thought abortion was her best option. She would type and I would knock down the lies of the enemy. It sounds like some kind of epic battle doesn't it? My maternal instincts kicked in and I went to bat for Momma Q. I don't know what made me stand in the gap so hard for her that evening except that God had another plan for her life and the life of her child. It wasn't a lengthy encounter but the words of Holy Spirit hit home. That was Sunday, December 13, 2020 a little after midnight- I know that date and time because she sent me a text saying that she'd chosen life! And yesterday, I got to see a picture of her brand new baby boy!!!

I started thinking...How many times before Momma Q had I scrolled past OTHER young women "considering abortion" on that very same Facebook page and chosen not to intervene because I didn't feel qualified to respond? When I got started with ministering on Facebook, I was SURE I was supposed to focus on women who had ALREADY chosen abortion and were feeling guilt, remorse, shame etc. I was CERTAIN that I had been called to offer THE balm of Gilead and to help them find healing. Why would women CONSIDERING abortion be on an abortion REGRET page anyway right? Here's why: No one really WANTS to take the life of their own flesh and blood. I can get into the lies as to why so many of us still chose a course of action that we knew we really didn't want to (another blog for another time) but, the bottom line is: ALL of us would have LOVED to have had someone walk beside us to help us see the possibilities of LIFE so that we could have avoided the surety of DEATH. That, plain and simple, is why most of the women who have not yet aborted, seek out an abortion regret page.

I, in no way, take credit for Momma Q's baby making it to his natural birthday-only God has the power over life and death-but I learned a very valuable lesson that day: Each of us has influence in both the physical and spiritual realms by the power of Holy Spirit. Each of us can allow ourselves to be bothered by someone else's situation and make the choice to stop scrolling and intervene as Holy Spirit prompts us. Each one of us has a calling that is bigger/different than we think it is because His ways are not our ways.

A part of me wants to be honorary Nana or TiTi to each child that makes it to their birthday after an intervention is successful. But that wouldn't give any of us intercessors HALF the satisfaction of simply knowing that when God asked us to stand in the gap, we were obedient. That's it. THAT is the best reward EVER!

Please say a quiet prayer for Momma Q after you read this knowing that her choice for life, even if it seemed hard at that moment, will continue to bear incredible fruit for herself, her son, her intercessory team and for our Father. Amen and Amen.

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