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There are times when the introvert in me naturally rebels against the "Leadership" role. If I am totally honest, I would prefer not to step out in front of anyone. Ever. And yet, my calling says otherwise. See, this is how I KNOW that nothing I do for the Kingdom is in my own power right? I have to CONSTANTLY give God all the glory, honor and praise He is due for raising me up out of my own muck and mire (my selfish headspace) and placing me on the ground He intends me to walk on. And I want to know, from a biblical standpoint, how to best allow the Holy Spirit to set free the Leader in me. What are my God-given assignments I find uncomfortable? What is the basis of my tendency to repel certain people? How am I framing a situation through my worldly eyes instead of through a Kingdom viewpoint? I have a LOT of questions about how I can be better at something I wouldn't naturally do well without God.

To that end, I will be leading a book discussion on the book, "LEAD" by Paul David Tripp starting in April. This book comes HIGHLY recommended by Susanna Kozlow of Divinely Driven Ministry (I see you Susanna!) whose leadership style is constantly being refined by God. Her willingness to surrender to God's plan for her directorship has prompted me to do the same. I don't know about you but my heart is always full for the women and men in my circle of influence. I constantly question: what do they see in me that mirrors Jesus? If you'd like to explore that question for yourself as a Leader, please join me on this journey. We will be discussing a chapter a week within an Arise Daughter Group solely dedicated to those who want to improve as leaders.

Feel free to respond at: for more information on how to join in and learn how to better LEAD within your circle of influence. Much love, Sylvia

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