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"And" is a powerful word. One, that "gives", "adds", ""clarifies", "expounds." The work of Justin Giboney and the socio-politically active Christian based organization he created, called "The And Campaign" is tasked to make sure "And" includes the historically powerful but quiet voice of the orthodox African-American church. According to the "And" Campaign website, its purpose is to create a Gospel-centered worldview committed to compassion and conviction.

Tweet this: Orthodoxy AND Compassion can co-exist.

I am highlighting the organization because this month, the "And" Campaign has released a new video outlining the important role all of us should play as Whole-Life ambassadors of the unborn baby AND the Mother and Father who may have been caught off guard by the pregnancy. Part of my testimony happens to be in the video and so I wanted you, my dear readers to see it. The concept of "Whole-Life" is additive to the traditional "Pro-Life" narrative. Concern for not only the welfare of the child but also the life the child has the potential to lead becomes the focus. Therefore, issues such as fair housing, equitable treatment by the justice system, living wage and sound educational support are also on the table for discussion.

And, I wanted the video to spark discussion.

How can the church not only teach about Christian values as they pertain to sex outside of marriage AND support the parents AND child of a crisis pregnancy? Certainly, support for aborting the image bearer of God (in the guise of supporting the "rights" of women) is not the answer; but what is?

Please, watch the video loaded on our YouTube channel and email me with feedback. The church and especially the African-American church has a vital role to play in the discussion surrounding abortion AND the life of the child AND parents involved. God will always be on the side of righteousness for the innocent AND vulnerable-let's make sure we find ourselves there a well. Much love and many blessings! Sylvia

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