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48210 was my zip code growing up

in Detroit, Michigan.

Back in my day, we were proud to be from one of the oldest and most forward thinking northern cities in the nation. Detroit was a beacon for folks on the Underground Railroad; a last stop to breathe and get much needed support before crossing over into Canada. Detroiters were proud to defend those seeking their freedom and often came to the aid of the wounded and broken.

In the 60's, Detroit was made up of working class "can do" folks; many of whom came with the great migration from the south in the 30's and 40's to flee terrorism and abject poverty. History was made in Detroit on so many fronts and my people were right in the midst of it all. The city has been through more than its fair share of bumps and bruises but I had and still have a love for all that Detroit meant to me back then and now; Nothing will ever change that.

As I was reflecting on the truly excellent presentation by Cherilyn Holloway at our Zoom "Refresh" meeting on the history of eugenics in our northern cities, I was struck by a thought she left us with: in order to experience equity in the womb we have to have equity in the streets. That was a mic drop moment for me and it got me thinking: what does equity in the post abortion healing community look like