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"Unqualified" book discussion

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"ImposterSyndrome" has popped up as a reminder that many of us do not feel qualified to be in places of influence. That's why I love the A,LIGN process. It allows us to see where God has placed us and where He will equip us.

Sylvia Reynolds-Blakely
June 25, 2023 · added a group cover image.

Our second meeting was wonderful as we looked into the meaning and importance of the words we speak over ourselves and those that God has reserved for His children. Kay did an amazing job teaching, reaching and preaching!

Our next and final meeting will be Thursday July 13th at 6:30pm EDT. Complete the rest of the book and watch the bible study videos by Steven Furtick on YouTube.

Many blessings! Sylvia

Hi all,

Everyone who is in the group should now be able to read posts here. Looking forward to seeing you all on June 15th on Zoom. I will send our link closer to the date. Much love! Sylvia


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