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You Are Cordially Invited!

Dear Pastors and Lay Ministry Leaders,

Happy Resurrection Sunday!!

I would like to humbly invite you to an upcoming Summit on Thursday, April 20th at 7pm EDT. The topic: “Abortion in the Church: Fostering Reconciliation with Christ.” Please keep reading…

Here is the situation: Sitting in your pews or in your online services every Sunday are women and men who are hurting from the trauma of abortion. The hidden scars that often do not get discussed have left a lot of “walking wounded” among the body of Christ.

I know in my heart that messages of compassion and mercy reach many from the pulpit each week. But, many others, because of lingering guilt and shame, think they are not worthy to even walk through your doors Sunday after Sunday; Many of them skip Mothers Day services for example, because of unhealed wounds. They hope that one day their particular pain will be mentioned. They want to be set free to live a full and abundant life in Christ and to serve Him with abandon but, they don’t know how.

What is my insight into this? For 20 years I was that broken woman. I served God at half capacity; in constant fear of His judgment for my abortion. I dared not bring up my sin because I wasn’t sure that any one would understand. Not only did I feel alone, I had no idea that abortion healing programs even existed. So, I sat in silence and served as a hobbled Christian. Now I know that about 25% of women sitting next to me have also had abortions and that the numbers are slightly higher for men. In addition, over 80% don’t know where to go to get healed.

What am I saying? If we want to mobilize the meek hiding under the church pews then let us frequently offer redemption messages of Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness. How do you name the sin and not shame the sinner? That is what our Summit will be all about! We have tremendous guest speakers; husband and wife teams who will be sharing their testimonies. In addition, we will have a powerful list of resources to help open up the channels to communication and build an infrastructure for continuing care and, ultimately, healing.

Please join us on Thursday, April 20th at 7pm on Zoom. Register at: Feel free to print and/or share the flyer. The first ten Pastors who register will receive a complimentary set of books to help with this journey.

Many blessings!

Sylvia Blakely RN, MS, Founder

“Heal, Train, Serve”

Mission: Arise Daughter is a post-abortion mentoring ministry equipped by Holy Spirit to help women and men heal, train and serve in the Kingdom of God.

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