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Welcome to a Year of Dependence!

As we grab hold of the beginning of 2022 and all of its possibilities, I'd like to interject a word foreign to many American Christ followers that just might put the breaks on a bit: Dependence. The word goes against the grain about as much as the words submission, surrender and fear. Our flesh does not like being dependent upon anyone or anything because it connotes weakness, laziness and loss of control.

I know, I know... I didn't catch the memo about being totally dependent on God until it became brutally clear to me that I HAD to depend upon Him for my post abortion healing! There is no WAY I could have devised and executed a healing plan for my life that matched the scope and depth of what God did in January of 2020 and is STILL doing now.

How do I know it was His plan for me to depend on Him? Well, first of all, He let me fight depending on Him for almost 40 until I was exhausted! I mean, down to the bone exhausted trying to reconcile an American legal right with a Spiritually immoral act! In His patience and compassion, He eventually nudged me into His operating room to fix my heart problem. And if you've ever been operated on, you know that you have to fully depend upon the skill of the surgeon; there's just no other way!

I know because He's brought me through trials this last year that I would have normally abandoned the minute they started. Where I would have LOVED to run from the hard stuff, He's allowed me to see that it was only hard for ME because I didn't depend on Him.

To HIM? It was already done!

I know because He breaks new ground in my heart, mind and soul that only He knows was barren before His divine intervention. Areas of fallowness that I can see now have been woefully unproductive but that He can still use and, for that, I am grateful.

I know because my dependence on Him and Him alone is what He's always desired for ALL of His children. ANY glimpse of the Kingdom of Heaven can only come when we lean and depend upon Him to see things as He does. Our spiritual nature is totally dependent upon what our Father has gifted us with and we can only attain spiritual vision through the power of Holy Spirit who is our ever present guide and the BEST GIFT EVER!

2022 is my year of Dependence on God. That is my vision word for the year and you have the right to call me on it if you see my independent streak rear its ugly head any time in the next 363 days!!

Feel free to share your comments about what God is partnering with you on in 2022. I would love to walk along side you!

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