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Standing on the Promises

Most of my blog posts are deeply personal as many of you know. But todays allows me to share a private conversation with God which is a whole other level of personal. It was just over a year ago that God shared a vision with me that both surprised and frightened me. It was a picture of me finally throwing off the yoke of the secrecy about my abortion and picking up the freedom to speak about it to a crowd of people; One of the things that had held me the most tightly bound was about to be used to set myself and other women free. I had NO idea what that would look like exactly but, I never doubted that it would come about; just not this quickly. On Saturday, June 12th, I will be sharing my testimony, as a poem (ask me later how THAT happened ;-) at a luncheon for the very first time. I really don't have a clear idea as to how the invitation came about except that the event organizer said that the first time she met me on Zoom she knew I was supposed to speak. I did my best to make sure I was not the focus of attention as God was nudging me to put forth the healing artistic talents of our Arise Artists any way that I could. And as the whole event shaped up, the majority of the presentation will in fact be devoted to the testimony and art of Alex Stewart, our Arise Artist room administrator which, if I may be so bold, will be absolutely captivating. Together we will share with a room full of post-abortive women who have been as 'gracefully broken' as we have, just how God has redeemed us. We are not the Keynote speakers--doesn't matter. My part lasts 3.5 minutes--doesn't matter!! The 30 minute poetry, testimony and slide show that has come together, with Holy Spirits anointing, is MORE than enough time for God to do all that He has purposed for Arise Daughter. Please pray with us and for us as we prepare to give God all of the glory, honor and praise for the truly wonderful way He has chosen to use all that we have at our disposal to gift back to Him and His daughters.

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