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Remembering Matters

For so many of us, Mother's day is bittersweet- often a day to endure instead of celebrate. It is a Sunday to dread, avoid or do our best to hide from. Because of my journey with Healing Grace and the bible study "Forgiven and Set Free", I have finally been able to accept my Motherhood and be grateful about it for only the second time in decades. Part of my restoration has come by being able to acknowledge and recognize my children. My new friend, Danielle Torres from, offered Arise Daughter members something of real value: a virtual memorial plaque to remember our children who were lost to us. If you attended our last Refresh meeting and would like to create a plaque you are welcome and encouraged to do so. It may not seem like much to some but, to me and my husband it meant the world. #GetHealed

In honor of Memorial day, may we remember our innocent children as well. They were lost in a fight they didn't deserve to be in and I thank God they are in heaven with Him.

If you would like more information about this beautiful virtual plaque or ideas on how to memorialize your child in other ways, please reach out to me here at and I will walk with you through the process.

Much Love, Sylvia

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