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This coming Saturday, May 22nd will be a foundational training for women who want to grow closer to Chist and learn how He made disciples. This will be an EXCELLENT opportunity for many who know that their new freedom from the pain of abortion and trauma is not only for them. Deep down, you've felt the call to share the healing Gospel with other women in your circles of influence but you've been unsure as to how to go about it. You know you've been forgiven and set free and now you want the same for those you care about and love; you just need the tools.

If I am totally honest, for years I thought that my 'salvation card' was all that I needed as a Christian. God kept putting women in my path to walk alongside but I didn't know how to share and walk out the Gospel with them. It wasn't until I rededicated my life to Christ that I began to see God's hand in the circles of influence He'd placed me in. But I still didn't have the tools to be a disciple maker until very recently. I felt like I could have been much more effective for the cause of Christ had I gotten the foundational tools I needed earlier.

So, here's your chance to get started on the right foot. Join Divinely Driven Ministry, our partners at Arise Daughter, for a short 3 hour training that will place your feet on the path to fulfilling Christ's great Commission to go and make disciples. THERE IS STILL ROOM FOR YOU!

Go to: to register and become the disciple maker God is calling all Christians (including you and me) to be.

Much love! Sylvia

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