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Does Every Life Have Worth and Value?

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

In honor of Sanctity of Life month I thought it was time to again broach the question: does every life have worth and value? It seemed like a "no brainer" but, as we know, we often find ourselves in heated conversations where the worth of one life is pitted against another.

As I approached this question, I of course went to several sources for definitions and usages to place a context around this debate. First, I discovered that "worth" is a noun and "value" is a verb. Why is that an important distinction? Worth as a noun, represents a person, thing, concept or place. Inherent in that definition is a basic assumption that whatever you attach to the meaning of the word is identifiable. It exists. So, asking if a developing child has worth is like asking if a developing pearl has worth. It already is whatever it is becoming (beautiful!) and neither you nor I can make it un 'be' what it has been identified as.

So, that is not the question we are really asking right? The next question we seem to debate is: "does a developing life have value?" Value, as a verb, shows either an action, an occurrence or a state of being. So, if conception is an occurrence-which is indisputable- and the developing baby is in a state of being once conception has occurred then, the baby has value.

Next, what is important to discuss is the relative position or value we place on the developing baby in relationship to other people, things or concepts such as boyfriends, careers, success or, say puppies. ( I only use puppies as an example because I know some friends who would go to the mat to save a puppy but think abortion is justifiable).

Our error (amongst many many others) is that we think that an action such as abortion can undo a "thing" i.e the baby. The laws of physics refute this assumption: The Law of Conservation of Energy states that the energy in a closed system can neither be created nor destroyed; It can only be transformed into other forms.,it's%20added%20from%20the%20outside.

That said, doctors or chemicals might stop the process of the babys development but, what was maturing will always be what it is; not only in the mind of the doctor performing the abortion but also in the mind of the parents who consented. This head and heart, soul and spiritual knowledge is one key factor in the 'not so hidden' trauma surrounding abortion.

The baby that I chose to abort 'was' and will always 'be' in a space in my psyche whether I chose to acknowledge them or not.

Deep and irrefutable.

So, this leads us to the last leg of the argument which typically is, "who has the right to decide if a new baby has worth or value?" I recently read a post on Instagram by sbaprolife

( ) that reminded me of what the word, "unalienable" means. As an adjective it means: unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor. Since a child has it's own physical body and DNA profile from conception, then the child has constitutionally protected rights. Justice, when it is preserved for ALL, means that those in positions of power i.e. those of us on this side of the womb, have a constitutional responsibility to protect the rights of the vulnerable until they are "of age" and can do so on their own. In our country, that age is pretty much 18 with certain exceptions.

Now, I know that I may be mostly preaching to the choir through this blog. But I also know that hearts and minds can.change.

After all, mine did.

And while it may not have been one single heated debate or beautifully crafted written argument that changed my way of thinking, I will say it was probably a thousand little comforting yet convicting bandaids of love that healed me. That healing helped me to see the worth and value of our children no matter their stage of development. I discovered that I have the same ability and yes, the same responsibility to

Lets allow our children, like the pearl, time to develop their beauty; to be born, supported, nurtured, respected and valued. Lets not look at our children through our time-limited vision but with a God-view that has eternity in mind. Much love, Sylvia

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1 Comment

Jan 22, 2023

Wow God!!! That is why God used Words … to begin His creation that was and is good. Thank you so much for breaking it down and bringing Sanctity of Life alive and front and center stage today. So many churches won’t even talk about it, but that’s why God created those who have the conviction and passion to shine a bright light onto the most precious part of the story: “A loving ,living, breathing soul in the making worth protecting,defending, and welcoming with open arms into this world.” - Alex

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