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If You Build it...

Some of you (of a certain age-Lol) remember the movie "Field of Dreams" with Kevin Costner. "If you build it, he will come" was what Ray Kinsella, the main character heard as he contemplated accommodating Shoeless Joe Jackson and the Chicago White Socks' return to the baseball field. As it turned out, building that ball field was a healing mission for a broken team that had been through a confidence-shattering scandal. The Socks NEEDED a place to become whole again and Ray, with the help of the Creator, made it happen.

We are hearing that same call to action here at! We are building a ROBUST Web platform designed to PROMOTE post-abortion healing by providing access to:

1. Peer working groups

2. Online healing resources

3. Specialized trainings

4. Unique events

5. 1:1 mentoring

6. Nourishing blogs

7. Testimonial space

8. Self-studies and so much more!

We have a presence on Facebook and Instagram as: arisedaughterfl as well as a budding YouTube channel AND a Spotify station both under the name Arise Daughter. That's kind of a lot after just over a month in operation but, through FAITH I BELIEVE "If you build it, (s)he will come." In this case, I also believe the "you" in this phrase is really "we." That being said, please let me know what YOU

think about what is happening on any of the platforms. Your FEEDBACK and PROMOTION are VITAL to the productiveness of Arise Daughter. Much love and for His Kingdom! Sylvia

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